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Tin Play - Craft Cocktail Kit

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The three piece Craft Cocktail Kit includes all the essential tools you need to craft cocktails; a jigger, muddle, bottle opener, can opener, shaker, strainer and ice scoop.  This compact kit is perfect for use in any bar atmosphere from the busiest night clubs to simply entertaining friends at home. The aesthetically pleasing, compact kit with its patented center pin and transparent food and beverage grade plastic will save you money by eliminating over poured and cross contaminated cocktails. These clear shakers will give your guests a great visual experience. The tools take up very little space and are easy to use.

Create consistent craft cocktails with speed and style.

  • Add fruit and herbs into the 32oz. Precision Pour Shaker Tin.
  • Use the 4-in-1 Ultimate Muddle Tool to envelope the pin and press and grind ingredients.
  • Take 1 level scoop of ice with the 16oz. Cheater Tin and add it to the 32oz. Precision Pour Shaker Tin, ice should be level with the top of the patented metal pin.
  • Measure desired amount of alcohol into the cavity of the jigger and add it into the 32oz Precision Pour Shaker Tin
  • Add desired mixers until liquid are level with the top of the pin.
  • Use the 16oz. Cheater Tin to cap off and seal the top of the 32oz. Precision Pour Shaker Tin, metal rim to rim.
  • Shake up ingredients and pour into a standard bar glass and serve.

To create the perfect poured martini follow the above steps but after shaking ingredients crack strain by separating the shakers just enough that the seal allows liquid to pour out or even easier invert the 16oz. Cheater Tin and insert it into the 32oz. Precision Pour Shaker Tin resting it on the pin, grip the 32oz Precision Pour Shaker Tin with your hand using your index finger to hold the metal shaker rims together then tip the shakers and pour your martini. The 16oz. Cheater Tin will trap ice and muddled ingredients allowing only the liquid to pour out.

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